How to clean a graffiti


In how many occasions have arrived in the morning to a trade and have found an unpleasant painted in the door or in the glasses? And then you have asked you how to clean a graffiti?

Alas this is a very common surprise that restaurants, bars, trades and until private homes suffer daily. Thus, the professionals of the industrial cleaning have to contribute products that resolve how clean a graffiti effective and simple.

In EUROSANEX have three really effective products to clean graffitis:

  • Kenex GFT-1
  • Kenex GFT-3
  • Travi SL-20

If you have to clean a graffiti in a porous surface, uses the Kenex GFT-1. It is viscous so that it penetrate in all the orifices and works even with the most resistant inks.

  • How I use it? Apply it generously with a brocha and leave it act without that dry . Rub it with a brush and to continuation clean it with a hidrolimpiadora and hot water. It repeats the operation if they remain rests. In case of inks extremely resistant, apply the cleaner of graffitis Kenex GFT-3.

For smooth surfaces or glasses, uses Kenex GFT-3. Thanks to that the surface is simpler to clean and to the efficiency of the product, the graffiti will go out almost without effort.

And if you want to protect any surface against the annoying graffitis, uses Travi SL-20. It treats  of a product that, simply powdering any surface, like walls, glasses etc. will avoid that the inks adhere , thanks to a protective film that does that the inks slip.

With these three products, ¡the doubts on how to clean a graffiti no longer will be a problem!