Dust vacuum cleaners …And liquid!


In any catering business or public spaces such as hospitals, schools or groups of any kind, cleaning must be impeccable. And it is more practical to use powerful vacuums, practical and effective, but sometimes you need to use dust vacuum cleaners and liquid.

But when professional cleaning becomes a challenge to the disaster, as in the case of a flood due to rain or a burst pipe, products and professional cleaning machines become absolutely essential. An example of this are the dust vacuum cleaners and liquid.

In these days of autumn, where rains and flooding are common place, can be most helpful in any business one of the EUROSANEX dust and liquid vacuum cleaners. These versatile and quite silent machines collect very easily dust and liquid.

With its reservoir they are capable of removing dust and spilled liquids, only removing the filter without a storage bag. The different models on sale are equipped with a great number of accessories to meet the needs of any business.

Even serve to collect discharges, spills and flooding in schools, restaurants and public buildings in a very simple way, only removing the filter and use it as with any vacuum cleaner. Once the tank is full, simply remove the liquid and re-vacuum again.

They are equipped with one, two or even three engines, simplify work and resolve any problems in your business, whether related to professional hygiene or flood caused by rain.