Economize with your foam dispenser


In a business, and more in times of crisis, it is very important to save costs and optimize everything possible to monetize our business.

Water is an increasingly resource, especially in places with high traffic and where the industrial hygiene becomes fundamental, such as hospitalsrestaurantsschools,kitchens, shopping centers, etc..

But also to save water is also a commitment to theenvironment, because it is a scarce resource which should be made more responsible use.

And a more than efficient to save water is to install a foam dispenser in our business.

How to save water with a foam dispenser?

  • With a foam dispenser it is not necessary to pre-rinse your hands. Simply, apply the foam to dry hands and rub usually as a traditional hand soap. The foam is removed much more easily so that rinsing is faster and much water is not consumed.
  • You’ll waste less hand soap on your personal hygiene. With the foam dispenser, also use less soap, since the volume of the foam is larger than the conventional hand gel, with the same amount, it seems that you are using more product.
  • You will be greener. In Eurosanex we are very focused on protecting the environment and although we make soaps, we don’t want our customers to squander the foam. Using Sabomans ESPUMA and the special dispenser you can maintain adequate personal hygiene and save soap and water.