How safe is cosmetic?


In recent days, Spain has sparked a major public concern because the safety of some cosmetics and their ingredients. We must therefore ask ourselves how safe is cosmetic?

But the fact is that, according to head coach EUROSANEX Joaquin Jimenez, such news about whether all cosmetics are safe generate more social alarm than real danger. “When there is a recall of a cosmetic product, it just means that the system works, it has detected a possible problem has been immobilized and withdrawn. You are very scared,” said Jimenez.

There cosmetovigilance networks that continuously detect possible cosmetic problem. “In most cases, are detected carcinogenic dose for animals, which can vary greatly in human skin. Don’t forget that, if the ingredients were so dangerous, directly would be prohibited.”

Generally the dose tested are much higher than those used in cosmetics, but “manufacturers, to protect consumers, remove them from the market although there is no an immediate danger,” said the Technical Director.

The undiluted product or large quantities may be carcinogenic, but not undiluted or in small quantities. In those cases also they are removed to protect clients.

There are ingredients that have caused great alarm and are investigated continuously since then, such as parabens. Prestigious independent entities as  Scientific Committee of Consumer Safety study the relationship between parabens and cancer failed to show anything, but even so, manufacturers lowered the dose to protect their clients and have a wide safety margin.

“Don’t worry, because the dose of the products on the market are always safe,” said Joaquín Jiménez, although studies are conducted constantly to make sure each component.

Caution should be exercised with some companies that use this type of alarm in their marketing campaigns, or as trade barriers in the case of countries, so that consumers can only buy local cosmetics, or consume their products thinking they are the safest, although not true.

In any case, “consumers should heed health authorities and notify manufacturers any adverse reactions caused by their product,” says Jimenez. If you’ve spent some cosmetic removed from the market, don’t worry, because the amounts of ingredients that can be harmful to health are so small, that nothing would happen.