Hydroalcoholic gel against flu


With the arrival of autumn and the first cold, infections, colds, flu and other common, mild illness, but very annoying are very common. And one of the best ways to protect yourself is to use hydroalcoholic gel against flu.

These infections impair productivity of workers, causing many casualties, so it is highly recommended to take all possible precautions for the flu and colds are not in your business. And it is as simple as using a hydroalcoholic gel against flu.

The flu and gastroenteritis are spread mainly through droplets expelled by patients when coughing or sneezing, and can be airborne or on the hands. In the case of gastroenteritis, in water or food, and is often manifestedbetween 4 and 48 hours after contact with the virus that causes it.

It is very difficult to hold off infections such as gastroenteritis, but thanks to some little tips and professional cleaning products, we will keep them out of our business.

Hygiene and good nutrition are essential keep away the infections from any public space.

It is essential to wash hands frequently, regardless of what is our activity or job. To facilitate hygiene in your business it is advisable that you provide to workers alcohol-based disinfectants, which may be conveniently used in their jobswithout water thanks to its convenient packaging insachets or as functional dispensers.

Also clean your facilities with professional cleanersantibacterial, removing from surfaces and floor all virusesand bacteria accumulated throughout the day and that may infect your customers and partners.

With Eurosanex special disinfectants for professional cleaning your business will be clean, sanitized and protected from bacteria.