Objects with more bacteria


Hygiene in any business, especially in communities such as restaurantsschoolshospitals, etc., is absolutely essential to ensure the health of our employees and customers. It is therefore very important to know objects with more bacteria.

Nevertheless, many businesses don’t take it into account, and several studies have revealed some of the objects with more bacteria we can find in a business:

  • Remote controls. Hands produce more than 250,000 different bacteria and upon reaching from outdoor, after handling machinery etc, we use these objects that accumulate many microbes.
  • ATMs and money. Inks, bacteria from other consumers, etc. are accumulates in ATMs irretrievably. It should also be noted that notes and coins carry an unexpected “extra”, as cocaine remains.
  • The keyboard and computer mouse. They accumulate, sometimes for years, scraps of food and we rarely waste time cleaning it.
  • The condiment dispensers in a restaurant. You don’t know who’s touch it before… And in some places, they don’t cleaned it very often…
  • The restaurant’s menu. Everyone touchs it and anyone cleaned it… In the best cases, they spend a cloth, and viruses such as influenza can survive up to 18 hours on hard surfaces.

To prevent viruses from these objects become entrenched in our business, just need a few simple gestures:

  • Ventilate your business every day.
  • Wash you hands, especially in catering business, every time you go to the bathroom with a hand sanitizer gel.
  • Clean your business in depht, with quality cleaning products and disinfectant cleaners.
  • And for those times that you can not wash your hands with water, use hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer. It save you in a rush!