Perfect dishes by hand/machine wash


The tableware is fundamental to hotel businesses such as restaurantscateringbarshotelsschoolshospitals and all kind of communities. Image or hygiene is very important ttaht tableware look clean, neat and in perfect condition.

Tips for manual dishwashing

  • To clean the dishes, you should use an effective hand dishwashing to remove grease and dirt.
  • If you also want handcare, you can use a dermo-moisturizer hand dishwashing that protects your skin.
  • If you are especially concerned with disinfection, you can use a bactericide hand dishwashing that eliminates bacteria from the dishes, including Salmonella Typhimurium.

Tips for automatic dishwashing

  • Correctly dosed detergent and rinse aid: if you use too much product, it might remain and if you use little or poor quality, the dishes will not be properly cleaned.
  • Control water hardness: it is very important to use a dishwasher and rinse aid for hard water in areas with high lime. This will give you better results.
  • Perform proper maintenance of the machine: keep it clean, change the water, control dispensers for dishwashers and temperatue.
  • Employ the right products for your cookware: Use a special dishwasher for aluminum or chloride if your cookware are white. You’ll get better results and yourhousehold will be perfect instantly.
  • Use the proper rinse aid: If you dose too much rinse aid on dishwashers or use one that is not right for your kind of water, glassware may be left with a whitish color.
  • If your household is very deteriorated, use a tableware retriever product, applied in the bath or with a small amount in each wash, household will be as new.