Try the UNIPACK water-soluble capsules!


Here at EUROSANEX, we are always looking for innovative, practical products. As such, we are pleased to introduce our newest range, UNIPACK: single-dose products packaged in water-soluble capsules.

The range comprises 10 cleaning products very useful in every sector of professional hygiene, and packaged in a new material that easily dissolves in water without the need of manipulation or dosing.

These water-soluble capsules are designed to make the cleaning tasks easier for professionals since:

  • They help save money by containing the correct amount of product and, thus, avoiding spills or overdoses.
  • There is no need for special dosing equipment, which minimises handling and safety risks.
  • They reduce to a minimum storage space and waste production.

These products, which come very concentrated, dissolve very easily in water (preferably warm) and offer the best results for cleaning professionals.

You can find the following products in the UNIPACK water-soluble capsules range, in boxes of 100 capsules with 10 ml of product.

UNIPACK CRISTALES all-purpose window cleaner

UNIPACK BAÑOS bathroom cleaner-descaler

UNIPACK NATURAL natural-scented neutral cleaner

UNIPACK LIMON lemon-scented neutral cleaner

UNIPACK VERDE fresh-scented neutral cleaner

UNIPACK AMONIACAL ammonia-based cleaner

UNIPACK MADERA floor and wood furniture cleaner

UNIPACK TEXTIL laundry detergent

UNIPACK GRASS all-purpose degreaser

UNIPACK ESENCIA fresh air-freshener