New products introduced last trimester!


Here at EUROSANEX we are always trying to improve and service the needs of our customers. That is why we have introduced ten new products for you these past months.

  • NETTION LR-60: It is a powerful concentrated cleaner that easily removes rubber marks made by the tyres of machinery in factories. It is recommended to clean areas of 100 m² maximum with a brush or single disc rotary floor machine.
  • NETTION FR-50: This foaming shampoo for upholstery and wall-to-wall carpets has great degreasing power, brightens colours, and is gentle with fibres. It can be used manually or with a single disc rotary floor machine.
  • Recycled cellulose extra: This reference substitutes the 1.2 kilos reel. This is a high-quality, 2-ply, embossed cellulose reel with 125 metres and a weight of 1 kilo.
  • Laminated cellulose: This cellulose resists humidity better thanks to a thin layer of adhesive that glues both plies together. Better performance and volume at the best price. You can find it in packs of 2 235-metre reels, 6 90-metre reels, or 18 toilet paper rolls.
  • DEFORT LCS: Kitchen utensils cleaner-descaler that are very dirty or have burnt grease on them. It is acid and very easily removes set dirt and burnt grease.
  • Reinforced double layer latex/neoprene gloves: High-quality gloves, very resistant, reinforced at the palm and with the CE Cat. III certificate.
  • Semi-industrial nylon-polyurethane gloves: These grey gloves are ideal for light tasks in the industrial sector. They end in a rolled, non-drip edge and have the CE Cat. II certificate.
  • 30 x 30, 1-ply WHITE TISSUE serviettes: They change their presentation: the boxes that previously had 60 packages now have 48.
  • UNIPACK RANGE: 10 ultra-concentrated products that help save money, are easily dosed, take up less space in the warehouse and leave fewer residues. They are very easy to use: dissolve a water-soluble capsule in warm water, stir and use as usual.
  • DIVASSI SATIN dispensers: The excellent quality of the DIVASSI range in grey tones. A low-cost option with the elegance of stainless steel complements.
  • NETTION BMF-90: This non-foaming polish cleaner is a perfumed and powerful product to clean with a scrubber machine. It cleans, perfumes, and leaves an exceptional shine in the floors of hotel halls, shopping centres, hospitals…