Cleaning and personal hygiene reduce workplace absenteeism


It is quite common that diseases like the flu or intestinal viruses diminish the staff within any company and cause workplace absenteeism. Thanks to “The Healthy Workplace Project” is possible to determine that 80% of colds and flus can be avoided as well as 62% of contaminations by other viruses with just a simple action: take care of the installations’ cleanness and staff’s personal hygiene.

Thus, the so called “office diseases” and workplace absenteeism caused by them, such as flu, colds, UTIs, respiratory tract and viral infections can be reduced with an appropriate hygiene protocols. Moreover, according to data from several institutions, hygiene also encourages employees to be motivated as they perceive that the company takes care of their welfare.

This project is aimed to create healthier workplaces and reduce absenteeism as 1 out of 5 sick leaves in Spain are due to diseases like the flu. To that end, the Healthy Workplace project is intended to study problems, develop efficient hygiene systems and break the germs transmission.

How to create a healthier workplace

Absentismo laboral

– The places with a highest concentration of viruses in an office are the printers, keyboards, doorknobs and handrails.

– There should be a proper hygiene protocol. Some studies affirm than there are 400 times more germs in an office than in a toilet.

– This is why a daily cleaning with the proper products is required.

– In order to clean tables and surfaces in general the best product is KLESING MULTI. It is also necessary CRISTALIN for windows and all kinds of glasses. A stainless steel brightener such as KLESING INOX (if this material is present at the office) and KLESING or FLOWER MUEBLES to polish tables. In addition, floors can be cleaned with a neutral cleaner such as NETTION STILO or NETTION PINO (ammonia).

– To maintained a proper hygiene at the toilets a general cleaner like NETTION PINO or NETTION STILO will be needed as well as a descaler like DEFORT BAÑOS, industrial toilet paper and hand towels.

– In order to encourage our colleagues and employees to take care of their personal hygiene, we will have to place the hand towels in the bathroom as well as hands gel and an antiseptic product such as DERMEX D-730with a dispenser.

– On every table every table and specially for workers dealing with bank notes or in direct contact with general public we will also place a dispenser with DERMEX D-730.