How to fight off allergies with hygiene?


Along with the springtime allergies show up and make many people’s existence uncomfortable. Thus, it is very important to know how to fight off allergies with hygiene?

In order to fight off allergies with hygiene is essential to know where mites and pollen are accumulated which are the main cause of allergies around the world. Usually, they are found on floors, blankets, pillows, mattresses, etc. Also, in a business, allergy triggers are usually caused due to a lack of hygiene or the use of inappropriate cleaning products.

Mattresses are an ideal haven for mites and pollen and its concentration often raises during spring and summertime because of the high temperatures as well as in areas with high humidity.

To remove pollen and mites from the rest of the room is recommended to clean the rest of the lounge with NETTION MC, a neutral fungicidal bio alcohol cleaner suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

eliminar alergias con la limpiezaMoreover, a special care will be needed with the laundry and setting up 45 º washings for 15 minutes with chlorinated detergents such as DETERSOL BLANCOR for white clothing or chlorine-resistant colours and DETERSOL COLOR for coloured clothing formulated with hydrogen peroxide.

4 steps to fight off allergies with hygiene:

  • Frequently change and clean bead sheets.
  • It is essential to always clean with professional vacuums the mattresses every day to avoid pollen and mites accumulation
  • Ventilate correctly rooms and venues
  • Wash the clothing with the appropriate temperature and products