How to clean a graffiti

In how many occasions have arrived in the morning to a trade and have found an unpleasant painted in the door or in the glasses? And then you have asked you how to clean a graffiti? Alas this is a very common surprise that restaurants, bars, trades and until private homes suffer daily. Thus, the

How to place cellulose coil in the dispenser?

It seems simple, but… Many times, we do not place well the cellulose coil in the dispenser and the system no longer finishes to work properly until it finishes the paper. Because we think constantly in all our customers, EUROSANEX offers you a simple tutorial so that you can optimise to the maximum the cellulose

How to measure water hardness?

Eurosanex solves all the questions you have about ourchemicals products for professional hygiene on video format, more visual, concrete and practical. To find out which products are better suited for yourhotelary and catering business, such as hospitals,catering, restaurants, etc.. you must know the water hardness in your area. If you’ve doubts, use the EUROSANEX test kit for water hardness.