CONCENTRADO C-2 Neutral cleaner – LEMON aroma / Concentrated product

The CONCENTRADO C-2 neutral cleaner is a concentrated product for general cleaning that must be diluted in water before use. It is the most practical solution for professional hygiene.

It is a neutral cleaner suitable to clean all kinds of washable floors and surfaces, like terrazzo, clay tile, ceramic, tile, bathrooms, furniture, etc., with a fresh lemon scent, this cleaner removes dirt and leaves a pleasant fragrance that pleasantly perfums the air, like the CONCENTRADO C-10 and CONCENTRADO C-11 cleaners, also in this range.

The product is available in 250-ml, 5-litre containers and 1.5-litre pouches, which are indicated for both the ECOMIX and ECOSHOT dosage systems. 1.5 litres pouches should be kept in the cabinet intended for such purpose, making up a protected dosage equipment with an unbeatable presentation.


  • Do not use undiluted.
  • To obtain the desired cleaner, the product must be dissolved in water at a ratio of 1:20, manually or automatically (1 part of product per 20 of water). Example: 250 ml (1 tumbler) of product, to obtain 5 liters of cleaner ready to use.
  • Once the dilution is achieved and the desired cleaner is obtained, it will be used in the usual way.
  • Apply dissolved in water in proportions according to the soil present. Normally the appropriate dose will be 50 ml per bucket of water (8 or 10 lt.).
  • For  stubborn dirt the dose will be double.
  • Can also be used pure with a cloth or scouring pad.



Download Data Sheet
  • 5 L
  • Bolsa 1.5 litros
  • Dosificador 250 ml

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