DETIAL D-70 TR biodispersant disinfectant

DDD 2422

The DETIAL D-70 TR biodispersant disinfectant is a powerful bactericide disinfectant especially formulated to disinfect and maintain the water in cooling towers.

Bactericidal activity: The product complies with Standard UNE-EN 13623 and is effective against Legionella pneumophila diluted in water to 0.015% at 15 hours and diluted in water to 0.075% at 60 minutes.

It is not compatible with reducers, oxidisers, acids, and galvanised.


  • To disinfect the installation, it is necessary to clean and/or descale it previously. Then, begin the treatment with a solution of DETIAL D-70 TR between .125 and .3 %.
  • When filling the circuit again, the recommended loading dose is .075 %.
  • Each addition of water in the circuit will require adding 1.5 litres of DETIAL D-70 TR for every 10,000 litres.
  • The manteinance dose, if there is no water added, is the necessary quantity to keep the levels of peracetic (8-10 ppm) and peroxide in the water.
  • Official registry of pest-control substances inscription number: 13-100-04733
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