DETIAL D-70 acidic disinfectant not sparkling / Base peracetic acid

DAL 0432

The DETIAL D-70 acidic disinfectant for surfaces and machinery is an effective disinfectant against all kind of germs and bacteria. It is odourless and has a low irritation level at the concetrations it is used. It is specially recommended for the food industry.

The studied formulation of this acidic disinfectant for surfaces and machinery does not foam, and is very effective in hard water or with a high salt content.

It is specially indicated for CIP circuits. It is a product suitable for general disinfection and particularly for the food industry: sanitation of filling machines , storage tanks, pipes, filtration systems, etc.


  • For normal disinfection, dilute between 0.2% and 0.5%.
  • Apply the dilution for at least 5 minutes by spraying, washing, immersion or circulation, rinsing with drinking water after application.
  • Officially authorised for the food industry. Registry number: 13-20-04721 HA
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