Hot water pressure cleaner BM2 SUPER PLUS 200/18

HID 2700

The hot water pressure cleaner with total stop BM2 SUPER PLUS 200/18 is a high-quality 3-phase machine manufactured with Italian technology, ideal for professional hygiene due to its effective high-performance motor.

This hot water pressure cleaner is strong and robust, has a reinforced polypropylene exterior, chassis-tank with two fixed back wheels and two swiveling front ones.

It also has an IP pump with ceramic pistons with a connecting rod system and bronze head, as well as water and gas level controls, anti-lime scale system and flame control.

Hot water pressure cleaner BM2 SUPER PLUS 200/18

  • Remote control with delayed total stop.
  • High-quality included and optional accessories.
  • Ceramic-pistons and bronze head pump
  • Motor/pump connection protected with a special lubricant retention system.
  • Pressure-regulating and steam-producing valve.
  • High-pressure detergent dispenser system.
  • Water deposit with floating dispenser valve.
  • Easy-to-access for inspection water filter.
  • Heater with a performance over 89%.
  • Heater pre-ventilation system.
  • Motor with thermal protection.
  • Anti-lime scale system adjustable from 35 to 270 ml/h with LED markers.
  • Leaks, flame, water and gas levels controls with LED markers.
  • Automatic switch-off after 20 minutes without use with LED markers.
  • System turn-off of the automatic switch-off and flame control functions.
  • Front wheels with brake.
  • Carry-all compartment with access to regulate the valve.
  • Anti-lime scale deposit filled from outside.


⢠Pressure: 200 bar.
⢠Water flow rate: 18 l / minute.
⢠Power: 8.0 Kw.
⢠Motor pump speed: 1450 rpm.
⢠Power supply: 3 - 400 V / 50 Hz.
⢠Maximum temperature: 140 ° C.
⢠Oil tank capacity: 35 liters.
⢠Capacity detergent tank: 5 liters.
⢠Anti-lime tank capacity: 1.5 liters.
⢠Measures: 105 x 66 x 110 cm.
⢠Weight: 174 kilos.

Included Accessories:

⢠High pressure hose of 10 meters with connection.
⢠Piston with athermal extension and fittings.
⢠Stainless steel nozzle.
⢠Quick feed connection.
⢠Lance of 70 cm. With nozzle protection.
⢠CEE 3F + T plug.
⢠Wrench for cover screws.

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