Hot water high pressure cleaner BM2 SUSETTE 150/15

HID 2530

The hot water high pressure cleaner BM2 SUSETTE 150/15 is a 3-phase machine for professional use with total-stop control. It is perfect for every kind of industrial cleaning, such as shopping centres, casinos, schools, universities, airports...

This hot water high pressure cleaner has a total stop control, a 3 ceramic-pistons water pump with copper or nickel heads, and independent pump and burner motors.

It is also equipped with a silenced boiler and double heating coil serpentine, overheating motor protection, pump and burner switch, reinforced metallic cover, and reinforced plastic casing.

Furthermore, it has tanks for diesel and detergent made with extra-resistant fibre, a thermostat for water temperature control, rubber rear wheels and a vulcanized-rubber pivoting front wheel. 

  • Pressure: 150 bar.
  • Water flow: 15 litres per minute

  • Max. temperature: 140ºC

  • Power consumption: 4700 W
  • Pump motor speed: 1450 rpm.
  • Diesel tank capacity: 35 litres.

  • Detergent tank capacity: 5 litres.

  • Power supply: 3-400 V / 50 Hz.

  • Diesel consumption: 5,1 litres per hour.

  • Measurements: 96 x 62 x 93 centimetres.

  • Weight: 110 kilograms.

Included accesories

  • 10-metre high pressure hose. Easy to attach.

  • Thermal extension spray gun. Easy to attach.

  • 70 centimetre stainless steel lance nozzle.

  • Optional accessories: 20-metre high-pressure hose collector. 

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