VIETOR 850-SC injection-extraction carpet dryer

ASP 5000

The VIETOR 850-SC injection-extraction carpet dryer for professional hygiene is a very powerful dryer that guarantees the best results whatever the sector.

It is a dryer with a powerful air flow. It is very useful when cleaning wall-to-wall carpets, since it speeds up the drying time. It incorporates a safety cover, that protects it from bumps and obstructions. Professional cleaning workers can use and move it around easily thanks to its two rear wheels and telescopic handle.

This injection-extraction machine has a powerful motor with ventilation to prevent the entrance of external elements as well as 3 speed settings, to regulate the air flow.

Power: 850 W
Voltage: 220 V
Weight: 17,6 kgr.
Power cord: 6 mts.
Measurements: 45 x 43 x 52 cm.

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