New Blanqueante - higienizante líquido DETERSOL PER-BT

Whitening – Sanitizing liquid DETERSOL PER-BT

DET 1132

DETERSOL PER-BT is an effective whitener and sanitizer based on peracetic acid and stabilized hydrogen peroxide. Shows a high oxidizing power for low temperature laundry.

Due to its high concentration and high performance, is very effective with water of any hardness.

Respects and revives the colours of treated tissues, and can be used on any type of textile fibre without degrading it and achieving a greater duration of the garment.


  • DETERSOL PER-BT can be used alone during the bleaching bath or in combination with a detergent.
  • The usage rate varies from 3 - 10 ml per kilo of dry clothes.
  • To obtain the best whitening performance, the washing temperature should be between 40 ° and 60 ° C with the pH level being 10 in the wash bath.
  • For shock treatments these doses must be increased to 15-20 ml per kilogram of dry clothes. 

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