DERMEX D-730 alcohol-based hand disinfectant

GEL 106

The DERMEX D-730 alcohol-based hand disinfectant is an antispetic gel for healthy skin with a hydroalcoholic formulation that cleans and disinfect without need of rinsing with water. It is indicated to be used in cases where it is required a high degree
of hygiene and cleaning with water rinse is not possible

This alcohol-based hand disinfectant evaporates very quickly, due to its hydroalcoholic formula that cleans and sanitises without the need to rinse with water. It protects the skin thanks to the moisturising agents it contains.

This personal hygiene product is suitable for workplaces that need extreme hygiene, such as hospitals or kitchens, where it is not possible to wash and rinse hands.

It complies with the standard UNE-EN 1040:2006 bactericidal effectiveness of hygienic hands friction UNE-EN 1500:1998. It is dermatologically tested.

It complies as well with the UNE-EN 1276 in clean conditions: antiseptics and chemical disinfectants. Quantitative suspension test for evaluation of bactericidal activity, at 20 °C and 1 minute contact time.
It also meets with the UNE-EN 13624. Quantitative test of suspension for the evaluation of the levuricidal activity.


  • Apply a dose of DERMEX D-730 on your hands.
  • Rub until the product is completely evaporated.
  • AEMPS registry number: 754-DES
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