DETERSOL CLORO chlorine-based bleach

DET 0801

The DETERSOL CLORO chlorine-based bleach is a product that can be used as an alternative to common bleach when washing white clothes. It is perfect for industrial laundry and every sector of professional hygiene, such as gyms, launderettes, hospitals, hotels...

This chlorine-based bleach has a high content of active chlorine in its formulation, and reinforces the power of the detergent while being an effective whitener and cleaner.

It is active in all kinds of water, regardless its hardness, and reaches its optimal performance in temperatures below 60ºC.

This whitener is very effective with all types of stains, including pigmentations such as wine, coffee, tea, etc. Thanks to its presentation in powder, the chlorine does not lose its properties with the time.

DETERSOL CLORO should not be used with colored clothing, chlorhexidine stains, delicate garments, wool, nylon or together with enzymatic detergents, as chlorine deactivates the enzymes.


  • Dose between 4-8 grams of DETERSOL CLORO per kilogram of dry clothes, depending on the level of dirt to clean.
  • Pour the product in the bleach compartment of the washing machine, or combined with the detergent to carry out a mixed process of cleaning and bleaching.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 55 ° - 60 ° C and should have a pH of approximately of 10 in the wash bath.
  • To avoid deterioration of the fabrics with high temperature drying, the chlorine must be neutralized correctly at the end of the wash.
  • In order to obtain a good performance and a lower deterioration of the fabrics the water temperature should be approximately 45ºC and the pH of 10 in the wash bath.
  • To avoid deterioration of the fabrics, it must be taken into account that at a higher temperature the bleach dose should be lower
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