KLARAN INVERNADOR swimming pool winteriser

PIS 1401

The KLARAN INVERNADOR swimming pool winteriser is a product designed to keep the swimming pool water clean and in optimal condition during winter or long periods with no filtration.

This swimming pool winteriser makes it easier to get the pool up and running again when the warm weather arrives. Applied around the edges of the pool, it inhibits the formation of slip-causing algae.


  • At the end of the season, and with the water in perfect condition, add from 2 to 4 litres of product for each 50 m³.
  • Spread the product around the perimetre of the swimming pool with the filter system running.
  • After a few hours, stop the filter system.
  • In areas with mild winters, it may be necessary to repeat the treatment every 3 or 4 months.
  • Rinse vigorously three times each container you use, and pour the washing water into the pool.
  • Official approval number (R.D.G.S.P): 13-60-1586.
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