How to clean computer equipment in an office


At the office, besides the doorknobs, phones, etc.  The elements that more germs and dust accumulate are the computer equipment. Thus, we are giving 10 tips on how to clean computer equipment in an office.

  1. Avoid products containing ammonia, acetone, toluene or ethyl alcohol.
  2. Do not use tissue, newspaper or towels, as they may cause scratches on the screen.
  3. Do not spray chemicals directly on the screen, liquid could sneak in and damage the equipment.
  4. Do not clean the equipment while it is on.Cómo limpiar el ordenador
  5. CRT monitors are cleaned with glass cleaner applied to a cloth, not directly onto the computer. You have to rub while the computer is unplugged, to avoid electric shock, and use a cloth at the end for better results.
  6. LCD monitors are cleaned with an antistatic product as abrasives or ammonia can damage the plastic coating equipment. The product is applied in a cotton cloth that does not generate lint, and then the monitor is cleaned. It is important not to rub vigorously, as the screen may get scratched. Spray the cloth with the cleaner and use it carefully on the frame. Also clean the cables. Spray a clean cloth with antistatic and gently clean the screen.
  7. In order to clean the keyboard, disconnect it from the PC, turn it over and slightly tap it get the objects and dust that are trapped out. Aspire between the keys. Dampen a cloth with isopropyl alcohol and clean the keys and keyboard.
  8. To clean the mouse, disconnect the keyboard, dampen a cloth with cleaner (preferably alcohol) and clean the outer surface of the mouse, being careful with the buttons. Clean the support portion, traction ball (if any) and the container of the ball.
  9. To clean the laptop, it is desirable that it is switched off. The screen of a laptop is very delicate, so clean it with some folded toilet paper moistened a bit and pass it through the screen carefully. Vacuuming the keyboard with a mini-vac. If there were particles or larger objects, we use a bulb Rubber, and we will remove the dust with a soft hair brush.
  10. The case of the laptop will be cleaned with non-aggressive products, such as a soft cloth dampened with water and a fraction of liquid soap. We wait for it to dry, and with a fine cloth rag rub.