The importance of using ecological cleaning products


More and more people and companies are starting to use organic products in their day to day. The awareness for the environment has reached many aspects and sectors of our lives and the case of the cleaning sector is not different. Nowadays, there are already ecological cleaning products for professionals that are manufactured in large quantities and are very effective to meet the needs of the hospitality industry, the clinical sector, horeca…etc.


The importance of using ecological cleaning products 0

Ecological cleaning products are those that are manufactured with substances that are harmless to the environment and at the same time reduce the impact on human health. And although we think that they can be more expensive than the rest of professional cleaning products, it is not like that, as in many occasions their composition comes from traditional cleaning products that our grandparents have used all their lives, and that contain very common elements such as vinegar, lemon, vegetable oils, sodium bicarbonate or salt.


The importance of using ecological cleaning products 1


Luckily, more often, this type of product is chosen for the benefits it provides for the health of the customers and the staff that manipulates them. An advantage of this type of ecological cleaning products it that they do not emit harmful elements, with its consequent benefit for our health, and they all include instructions for safe use and are highly biodegradable. In addition, they are not tested with animals or use ingredients of animal origin and do not contain carcinogenic, mutagenic or teratogenic components.

To recognize ecological cleaning products, we must look if they are labelled with the European Ecolabel label (the one with a flower), which guarantees a high level of environmental protection and that the product meets the requirements of environmental quality. This label is granted after an exhaustive control verified by independent organizations and not only validates the chemical products, but also others such as wipes or buckets.



At EUROSANEX we are aware of the need to keep the environment safe, so we also offer a wide range of ecological cleaning products, under the name “Naturex Line”.

This line includes DELENEX NATUREX concentrated manual dishwasher, NETTION NATUREX general cleaner with bioalcohol, CRISTALIN NATUREX glass cleaner, KLESIN NATUREX multi-purpose cleaner, DEFOR NATUREX bathroom cleaner and KENEX NATUREX general-purpose degreaser. All these products are formulated, basically, with palm, olive or coconut vegetable oils, sulfates of coconut fat alcohols and surfactants extracted from sugar, silicates, etc.

In short, it is important to choose environmentally friendly cleaning products and to make ourselves aware of the importance of it, because it is both our health and our planet’s that is in danger and their care is in our hands. It is up to you to find the balance between a cleanliness that respects the individual and the planet, without giving up proper disinfection and hygiene.