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  • Cleaning products for the automotive sector

    For the automotive sector, a fundamental aspect when choosing a cleaning product is that it does not damage the materials on which it is going to be used. Therefore, it is very important that both managers and users of car washes and even garages can trust that the cleaning products they use have high quality, good performance and 100% safe formulas.


    The range of automotive products of EUROSANEX includes shampoos for car bodies and tunnels, degreasers for bodywork, tire cleaners, paraffin and copolymers, vinyl brighteners, upholstery cleaners, etc. with 100% safe formulas for the bodies and unbeatable cost-performance quality.

  • Special cleaning products for butchers

    The future of a food business depends, to a large extent, on the good quality of its facilities, and cleanliness in this field is absolutely fundamental.

    Thus, a little exhaustive cleaning or a few ineffective cleaning products, of poor quality or that do not comply with current regulations can cause protein and organic debris to accumulate in the most unexpected places, and undesirable bacteria proliferate.

    It can not be said that a contamination of food in a butcher shop can be disastrous, since it would damage the credibility of the business and could even lead to closure.

    For the butchery sector, EUROSANEX offers cleaning products disinfectants, cleaners and degreasers that comply with all the regulations required in Food Hygiene. These are products with a high concentration of active ingredients and excellent quality, registered in the Pesticide Register and with Food Hygiene registration as established by European regulations, which are totally safe to use in any butcher shop.

  • Special products for collectivities

    In the large spaces through which many people pass, such as hospitals, catering, hotels, etc. Cleaning becomes a vital aspect to safeguard the welfare of users. It is essential that these spaces remain clean, despite the large influx of people, and for this it is essential to find products that meet 100% current regulations, which are reliable and that achieve, with the same amount of product, a better performance to be able to control costs.

    EUROSANEX puts at your disposal a wide range of high quality products to cover the needs of all sectors, also for shopping centers, hospitals, trade fairs, airports… Thus we have a wide range of cleaning carts, cleaning machinery such as scrubbers or sweepers, general cleaners for all types of floors, surface brighteners and multi-purpose products, air fresheners or the prestigious tools for LEWI glassware.

  • Special products for cleaning companies

    Most of the companies have already decided to outsource the cleaning services to specialized companies, which provide their great experience and a very simple way to cover a basic need of any workplace. This type of company demands, in order to perform its work perfectly, high quality products, very effective and at a price that allows them to control their costs.

    For this type of business, EUROSANEX has a wide range of concentrated products, which help these companies save money and space in their warehouses. As a star product of the concentrates, the 250 ml bottle is the simplest to use, since it is diluted in a 5-liter water jug, one of the most popular containers for its convenient handling.

    Also, we have cleaning carts, tools of all kinds and the prestigious tools for glassware LEWI, with the prestige and quality of this German brand.

  • Special products for the hotel industry

    The image of each establishment is fundamental for the hotel sector. Every detail must be taken care of to the maximum so that the clients return and trust regularly in our restaurant, bar, cafeteria, etc.

    In today's society and due largely to social networks, reputation is essential in a hotel establishment, and cleaning is usually one of the factors that customers value most when it comes to rating bars, restaurants and hotels, in these forums.

    In EUROSANEX we have one of the most extensive ranges of products in the hotel industry, with an unbeatable quality-cost ratio. In addition to dishwashers, degreasers, general cleaners or air fresheners, we have cellulose and TNT tablecloths and napkins special for this sector, work clothes, hand gels and all kinds of hygiene accessories.

  • Special products for the industry

    In the industrial sector, the performance of a product and its quality are fundamental for a company to decide on one brand or another. A good quality-price ratio and the assurance that chemicals are safe and comply with current regulations can condition the purchase decision transcendentally in this sector.

    In EUROSANEX we have different product ranges that are ideal for factories of all kinds, workshops, etc. For example, our special hand soaps for the industry, such as the SABOMANS FG, SABOMANS F and SABOMANS P, very effective to remove dirt and grease.

    Also products such as loosening, taladrina, dielectric cleaner, hydrocarbons that also remove unripe grease, cleaner for rubber brands and cleaning machinery, which allows to clean large surfaces mechanically to save time and money.

  • Special products for laundries

    At EUROSANEX we have a range of products for laundry that covers all kinds of options, from a small establishment that washes its clothes in a washing machine on site, to the large industrial laundries of hotels or hospitals.

    We will help you optimize the maximum amount of laundry washed thanks to our specialized technical team, who carry out the installations in our customers' laundries and advise during the entire washing process.

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