Eurosanex, more than 25 years of experience


Eurosanex, more than 25 years of experience

EUROSANEX was born in 1987 with a mission: to manufacture professional cleaning products with great quality and performance. Since then, we have not lost sight of our objective and have adapted through the different transformations the company has seen, like the expansion throughout Spain, the headquarters’ moves, the welcome of new members to our team, the first international sales…

Year after year, we improve our processes, products, and offers to better suit your needs. We face new challenges with excitement, determination, and hard, hard work.


Our products comply with current national and European regulations to ensure you can use them with total confidence, and are duly registered as cosmetic products, biocides, etc. in the EU.

Covering the needs of every sector is our priority, from health centres to the food preparation industry, the food and drinks sector, tourism, and all kinds of businesses and group settings. For this reason, we have completed our offer with a new section, Cellulose and Textiles, where you will find tablecloths and napkins made with cellulose and non-woven fabric, as well as a large range of work clothing.

We have redesigned our image and web page to make it more modern, educational, and participative. Browse the different sections and learn more about our products, notice our tips, and answer your questions. We are here to help you.

We hope that, together, we can make all our goals a reality.

Thank you for trusting us!

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