TRAVI SL-20 anti-graffiti coating

TTS 1190

The TRAVI SL-20 anti-graffiti coating is a surface sealant that protects walls from graffitis by creating a protective film that prevents paint from adhering.

It is a hydrophobic and antiadherent liquid formulated to be used in professional hygiene after the products KENEX GFT-1 and KENEX GFT-3, that offers effective protection against graffitis.

Formulated to protect all kinds of surfaces, smooth or porous, this anti-graffiti coating makes removing graffitis easier. The optimal results are achieved after 5-7 days.


  • Apply the product once the Surface is clean without any rest of ink or graffiti.
  • Apply with a brush, roller or sprayer depending on the porosity of the Surface until its saturation
  • The quantity of product to use depends on the surface and it will vary between 25 and 200 ml/ m²
  • Smooth nonporous surface: 25-50 ml/m².
  • Smooth porous surface: 100 a 150 ml/m².
  • Rough porous surface: 150 a 200 ml/m².
  • For porous surfaces, apply two layers, letting it dry between both applications.
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