NETTION 330 non-foaming powerful cleaner

The NETTION 330 non-foaming powerful cleaner is a concentrated cleaner that removes dirt and grease in surfaces made of terrazzo, cement, marble, plastic, etc.

This non-foaming powerful cleaner is specially formulated to be used with automatic scrubber-dryer machines. The product is water-soluble and doesn't leave behind foam, due to its low foaming formula.

Thanks to its effectiveness, it is the ideal product to clean difficult and porous surfaces, such as artificial stones, building façades, repair shops, automobile expositions, industry, etc.


  • For general cleaning, use 10-20 ml per litre of water.
  • The dosage can be doubled in case of stubborn dirt.
  • Fill the mopping machine's clean water deposit and add the product.
  • Use the machine normally with the mopping brush or fibre pad.
  • It can also be used manually with a brush, mop, etc, taking into account the absence of foam.
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  • 5 L
  • 20 L
  • 10 L

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