17 x 17 miniservice tissue and sulphite napkins

SER 20

EUROSANEX has improved its offer for the food and drinks industry with the addition of sulphite napkins, ideal for bars, restaurants, wedding venues...

You can choose between different models of 17 x 17 cellulose napkins white or coloured (in burgundy, orange, pistachio green, and black.)

  • WHITE MINISERVICE SULPHITE AND TISSUE NAPKINS. 17 x 17, 1-ply. Boxes of 11,200 and 14,000 units.
  • COLOURED MINISERVICE TISSUE NAPKINS. 17 x 17, 1 24-gram ply. Different colours available: burgundy, orange, pistachio green, and black. Boxes of 6,000 units with 60 packs of 100 units each.

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