KLARAN CLORO TRIPLE ACCION triple action chlorine

PIS 1070

The KLARAN CLORO TRIPLE ACCIÃN triple action chlorine is a specific disinfectant in tablets for professional hygiene that works as bactericide, algaecide, and flocculant in swimming pools.


  • Initial dosage: Adjust the water pH between 7.2-7.6. Perform the super-chlorination of water by inserting 1 tablet per 25 m3 of water with the filter system running.
  • Maintenance: Insert two tablets per 20 m3 of water in the skimmer, floater, bag, etc., and check periodically the chlorine level, which must be between 0.6-1 ppm. Add tablets to mantain the chlorine level.
  • The recommended dosages are based upon normal conditions. Should there be more swimmers than expected, higher temperatures, storms, etc, you should test the chlorine level and add more product if necessary.
  • Rinse vigorously three times each container you use, and pour the washing water into the pool.
  • Official approval number (R.D.G.S.P): 12-60-1623.
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