UNIPACK CRISTALES all-purpose window cleaner

UPK 1001

The UNIPACK CRISTALES all-purpose window cleaner is a new product packaged in water-soluble capsules that easily dissolve in water and help industrial hygiene professionals save.

This all-purpose window cleaner offers better control when using chemical products, which translates into significant savings. Also, the capsules help dose the chemicals and remove the need of specific equipment, avoiding manipulation and preventing safety risks.

These water-soluble capsules also take up less space in the warehouse and completely eliminate container waste. The product comes with the exact dose needed and prevents spills or overdoses. Available in cartons of 100 units of 10ml capsules.


  • Select a UNIPACK capsule with the desired product.
  • Fill the bottle or bucket with water, preferably warm.
  • Insert the capsule and shake gently.
  • Use the product normally.
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