DELENEX BOX-P car wash powdered detergent

AUT 0252

The DELENEX BOX-P car wash powdered detergent is an effective degreasing powdered cleaner that removes dirt from all kinds of bodyworks in the automotive sector, in cars, buses, lorries...

This is a car wash powdered detergent specially formulated to clean vehicles in boxes with pressured-water machines. It dissolves quickly in water, foams abundantly, does not attack the paintwork, and very easily removes dirt, grease, mosquitoes...


  • Fill the hopper with the product and adjust the dispenser so that a concentration of 0.2 - 0.5% is obtained in the wash bath at the exit of the lance.
  • A temperature of between 50 ° - 60 ° C in the wash water and a pressure of 80 - 90 bar is recommended.
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