KENEX C-100 aluminium bodywork shampoo

AUT 0212

The KENEX C-100 aluminium bodywork shampoo is a product specially formulated for the automotive sector which, due to its acid composition, removes all kinds of stubborn stains from bodyworks.

This aluminium bodywork shampoo cleans, removes rust, and inhibits corrosion on the surfaces of cars, lorries, vans, buses...


  • To achieve the best performance, the product is applied by spraying with a  pressure lance or foaming equipment, creating a layer that covers the surface, without excessive thickness.
  • Leave it actfor several minutes and rinse with plenty of water under pressure.
  • The product operates over a wide range of temperatures.
  • The recommended use dose is 2-5%, depending on the degree, type of dirt to be removed and water hardness.

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