Dishwasher dispensers

To offer a complete service to industrial kitchens, catering services, and all sectors of professional hygiene, EUROSANEX has a large range of dishwasher detergent and rinse aid dispensers.

It has different dishwasher detergent and rinse aid dispensers, from detergent dispenser of 1.5 l/h to 24 V, as well as rinse aid dispensers.

  • DETERGENT DISPENSER 1.5 L/H: Detergent dispenser 1.5 lt/h.
  • DETERGENT DISPENSER 3 L/H: Detergent dispenser 3 lt/h.
  • DETERGENT DISPENSER 3 L/H WITH REGULATION: Detergent dispenser 3 lt/h with regulation.
  • DETERGENT DISPENSER 24 V: Peristaltic detergent dispenser 3 lts/h with regulation 24 V.
  • PERISTALTIC RINSE AID DISPENSER: Peristaltic rinse aid dispenser.
  • RINSE AID DISPENSER 24 V: Peristaltic rinse aid dispenser 3 lts/h with regulation 24 v.

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