DEFORT NM-17 limescale remover

The DEFORT NM-17 limescale remover is an acid product formulated to remove limescale, rust, etc. in dishwashers, pipes, evaporators, heaters, cooling towers, condensers, etc.

This limescale remover includes effective rust inhibitors that protect metallic surfaces after cleaning.

Continuous use of this heavy-duty cleaner keeps the equiment in perfect condition, preventing clogging in pipes and other elements.


  • For dishwashers, dilute DEFORT NM-17 in a water bath at 2-4%, depending on the scaling.
  • Next, run the machine two or three times to ensure its total cleaning.
  • Empty the machine, refill and repeat the cycle to rinse it.
  • For cleaning parts with strong incrustations by immersion, increase the dose to 5-10 %.
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  • 5 L
  • 20 L
  • 10 L

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