Folding laundry trolleys

The folding laundry trolleys by EUROSANEX cater perfectly to the needs of all sectors of professional hygiene, but specially to hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, gyms, etc.

It offers two models of folding laundry trolleys, of 180 litres and 250 litres, as well as assorted complements.

- ECO-VANEX 180-P TROLLEY: In blue propylene with yellow canvas sack of 180 litres. Measurements: 71 x 66 x 95.

- ECO-VANEX 250-C TROLLEY: Chrome metallic with beige canvas sack of 250 litros. Measurements: 63 x 62 x 99.

- YELLOW LAMINATED CANVAS SACK: Of 180 litres for CAR 6100.

- BEIGE LAMINATED CANVAS SACK: Of 250 litres for CAR 6700.

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