DERMEX B-230 moisturising shower gel

GEL 1015

El gel de baño hidratante DERMEX B-230 es un jabón para el cuerpo y el cabello de uso frecuente envasado en bolsa The DERMEX B-230 moisturising shower gel is a frequent-use soap for body and hair packaged in germ-free bags, special to use with the ISOAP dispenser system.

This high quality moisturising shower gel for frequent use is suitable to clean skin and hair. It has a gentle detergent power and good skin tolerance.

To achieve the best skin care, the formula has a pH that helps maintain the skin's physiologic acid mantle.

This personal hygiene product has ingredients that leave skin moisturised, with a soft touch, and lightly perfumed.


  • Wet skin and apply a dose of DERMEX B-230.
  • Rub until abundant foam appears and all dirt is removed.
  • Rinse thoroughly with water and dry carefully.
  • Cosmetic authorisation number: 10037CS
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