LAVAPER BLANCOR chlorine-based fabric whitener

The LAVAPER BLANCOR chlorine-based fabric whitener is a dissolution of sodium hypochlorite in water with 150 grams per litre of active chlorine, suitable to take care of clothing in industrial laundry and professional hygiene.

Formulated as a laundry additive for white fabrics, this chlorine-based fabric whitener oxidises, deodorises, whitens, and removes stains effectively, whatever the origin of the stain. It is very effective on all types of stains such as pigmentation (coffee, tea, etc.).

This product should not be used with colored clothing, chlorhexidine stains, delicate garments, nylon, wool or enzymatic detergents, as chlorine deactivates the enzymes.

Storage conditions: Chlorine degrades easily, so store it in a cool place, protected from light and for the shortest possible time.


  • It is specially suited to work with automatic dosage systems.
  • Dose in the bleaching phase or together with the detergent for better results.
  • Give 5-15 ml / kg of dry clothes depending on the dirt, hardness and water level of the washing machine.
  • The temperature of the water should not exceed 55 ° - 60 ° and a pH of approximately 10 in the wash bath.
  • To avoid tissue deterioration, it must be taken into account that at a higher temperature the product dose should be lower.
  • To avoid deterioration or yellowing by drying at high temperature, the chlorine at the end of the washing process should be well liquidurised.
  • The product works much better and the fabrics deteriorate less when the water temperature is around 45 ° C and pH 10 in the wash bath.
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  • 5 L
  • 10 L

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