LUBACIN BOX scented enzymatic deodoriser

The LUBACIN BOX scented enzymatic deodoriser is part of the LADYBOX range of accesories, which aids in the disposal of residues with human organic matter (like blood) in the safest and most hygienic way possible in professional hygiene, in all kinds of public bathrooms.

This scented enzymatic deodoriser is available in 12- or 150-unit containers and easily removes the organic matter that may be left behind in the LADYBOX bins. It slowly releases a pleasant citrus smell through the porous sac, containing a mixture of natural mineral vehicles and non-harmful microorganisms, which have the ability to fix moisture, inorganic volatile molecules and degrade the organic molecules associated with Creating odors.


  • Put a LUBACIN BOX bag inside each new garbage bag that is placed in the toilet bowl.
  • Each sachet will remain effective for 1 month.
  • The sachets are sealed and should not be opened at any time.

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