NETTION ABS granular absorbent for spill clean up

The NETTION ABS granulated spill absorbent is an ideal cleaning product to collect all types of liquid spills in professional hygiene.

It is a solid granulated, natural and incombustible, with great capacity for retention of liquids.

It is always ready to be used and is an essential tool in potential spill situations in garages, factories, workshops, gas stations, kitchens, etc. And all those places where liquids are stored or handled.


  • Extend NETTION ABS over the affected surface.
  • Focus on the edges to avoid expansion.
  • The amount will depend on the nature and volume of the spill.
  • The product is harmless to the environment, but the residue generated after use must be delivered to an authorized waste manager.
  • Do not use over acid spills.
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  • 16 Kg
  • 8 Kg

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