Dust mops, feather dusters, and cloths

To ensure total cleaning and complement the effectiveness of EUROSANEX's chemical products, it offers a large selection of cleaning textiles, including high-quality dust mops, feather dusters, and cloths.

Manufactured with high quality fabrics, EUROSANEX's dust mops, feather dusters, and cloths are very hard-wearing and effective.

  • POLISHING DUST MOP. Complete polishing dust mop in three sizes: 45, 75 and 100 centimetres.- POLISHING DUST MOP 
  • REPLACEMENT. Available in three sizes: 45, 75 and 100 centimetres. It fits perfectly in EUROSANEX's polishing dust mops.
  • GAUZE DUST MOP COVER. Pack of 2 units of disposable gauzes for dust mops in different sizes: 45 centimetres, 75 and 100.
  • LONG, MICROFIBRE FEATHER DUSTER. Super absorbent micofibre feather dusters specially recommended to get rid of dust in surfaces.
  • 100% COTTON SHEETING FABRIC CLOTH . Cloth made with 100% 5 kilos cotton sheeting fabric.

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