PIRETRINAS SANEXMATIC flying insects insecticide

ADP 4100

The PIRETRINAS SANEXMATIC flying insects insecticide is a broad-sprectum product that effectively gets rid of flying insects in all sectors of professional hygiene, such as food and drinks sector, businesses, schools, shopping centres...

This flying insects insecticide comes in a pressurised aerosol with flip over action and acts by ingestion and contact.


  • The load dispenses a dose of insecticide with each press.
  • Do not use in the presence of people or animals.
  • Do not spray on food or cooking utensils.
  • It cannot be applied to surfaces where food is handled, prepared or served.
  • Ventilate properly before entering the room.
  • Recommended safety period for environmental use: 12 hours.
  • Complies with RD 1381/2009 Aerosol Generators.
  • Use not recommended: It should not be applied with automatic dosage dispenser continuous or discontinuous, nor use metering valves that allow to make periodic sprays in the time.
  • Pest control registry inscription number:10-30-03804.

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