LUBACÍN BIO-S biological drain cleaner

DDD 2501

The LUBACIN BIO-S biological drain cleaner is a biological deodorising treatment to clean and remove bad smells from all kinds of drains, deposits, or septic tanks.

Very useful for professional hygiene, this biological drain cleaner and deodoriser is formed by enzymes and microorganisms, live matter that forms a colony in the pipes and breaks up the accumulated dirt.

It is very useful to remove organic matter, paper, grease, oil, etc. while getting rid of bad smells.


  • Dissolve enzymes in hot water (20º-40º)
  • Wait for 10 min and shake the product until its complete dilution
  • Apply in the pipe, deposit, etc. periodically, according to the level of dirt and smell.
  • This treatment must be carried out at the end ofhe workday
  • Do not apply other disinfectant products (such as bleach) while using this product.


  • Starting dose: Two bags of LUBACIN BIO-S.
  • Maintenance dose: One bag per week.
  • Siphons and pipes: To avoid blockages, obstructions and bad odors, dispense a bag of LUBACIN BIO-S every week, according to diameter and length of the drain.
  • Dosing for septic tanks: Three bags of LUBACIN BIO-S as initial seed dose per m.
  • One bag every 15 days as maintenance for each m.
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