DETERSOL BÁSICO alkaline laundry booster

DET 0892

The DETERSOL BÃSICO alkaline laundry booster is a product especially designed to be used in professional hygiene to wash any kind of stained or very dirty fabric.

It is specially formulated to obtain the best results in any water hardness, prevents fouling and scouring of fabrics, as well as removing all dirt, organic debris and stains.


  • DETERSOL BÃSICO alkaline laundry booster is specially formulated for automatic dosage systems and must be always be used in combination with the DETERSOL TENSO or DETERSOL VIEP detergents.
  • Follow these recommended dosages, 
  • Soft waters: 3-6 ml/kg of dry clothes.
  • Semi-hard waters: 5-9 ml/kg of dry clothes.
  • Hard waters: 6-12 ml/kg of dry clothes.
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