DETERSOL VIEP laundry detergent with enzymes

DET 0982

The DETERSOL VIEP laundry detergent with enzymes is a product specially designed to be used in professional hygiene that effectively removes biological stains, such as blood, urine, food, etc.

Due to its high performance and its composition based on proteolytic enzymes, it easily removes dirt and residual odors from the tissues. It is recommended to perform a test in a  area non visible before using the product in delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, viscose, etc.


  • The DETERSOL VIEP laundry detergent with enzymes is specially formulated for automatic dosage systems.
  • It can be used alone or combined with DETERSOL BÃSICO, in case of a high level of dirtt.
  • Follow these recommended dosages, depending on the level of dirt and water hardness:
  • Soft waters: 3-6 ml/kg of dry clothes.
  • Semi-hard waters: 5-10 ml/kg of dry clothes.
  • Hard waters: 10-15 ml/kg of dry clothes.
  • The optimal temperature for enzymes is between 50-60 ºC
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