KENEX GM cold storage degreaser

DES 0810

The KENEX GM cold storage degreaser is a special cleaner for floors, walls, shelves, freezers, refrigerators, etc. without defrosting.

Thus, this cold storage degreaser is perfect to use in the food industry, supermarkets, markets, etc.

Instructions for manual use:

  • Apply KENEX GM with a spray and rub with a very wet dust mop or cloth.
  • Leave on for a few minutes and scrub with a hard brush.
  • Then, remove with a vaccum, or with a dry sponge mop, sponge, or cloth.

Instructions for use with a scrubber-dryer machine:

  • Fill the clean water deposit with Kenex GM pure or diluted at the required concentration. 
  • Scrub normally.

Instructions for use with a single-disc rotary floor cleaning machine:

  • Use a red hard fibre disc. Apply the product by dropping or spraying over the surface to clean.
  • Spread with the machine and leave on for 5 minutes approximately.
  • Then, scrub and collect dirt with a vacuum, or with a dry sponge mop, sponge, or cloth.

Other considerations:

  • Do not rinse with water chambers with a temperature below 0º.
  • Dosage: For temperatures below -15 ºC, use the product pure, undiluted. For temperatures over -15 ºC, it can be used diluted in water at 50 %.

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