KENEX 12 kitchen filter degreaser

DES 0571

The KENEX 12 kitchen filter degreaser is an effective, non-corrosive cleaning product special to use by immersion on pieces with strongly set grease.

This kitchen filter degreaser is very useful in professional hygiene to remove dirt from range hoods, griddles, stoves, oven trays, etc.


  • Leave objects soaking in KENEX 12 for 10 or 12 hours, pure or diluted in water, depending on the leave of dirt to remove.
  • Rinse with water, hot if possible.
  • Other considerations: The KENEX 12 bath can be used continously until its saturation. If cleaning aluminium, dilute the product at 25 % maximum (one part of KENEX 12 and three parts of water.)
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