TRAVI CBR ECO-P restorer & polish cleaner

LEP 1800

The TRAVI CBR ECO-P restorer & polish cleaner is a polishing and cleansing emulsion for floors, extremely effective in every kind of professional hygiene situation at an affordable price.

This restorer & polish cleaner restores shine in waxed or crystallised floors of high-traffic areas and, due to its special formulation, it intensifies the colour, is not slippery, and prevents footprints in all kinds of surfaces: terrazzo, marble, terracotta, slate, linoleum, etc.


  • Dilute to 1 or 2% (100-200 ml per bucket of water), depending on the condition of the soil.
  • Apply normally with a mop. The brightness will appear on its own.
  • For greater brightness intensity, rub the floor with a cloth or mop.
  • It can also be polished with white disc in a rotating machine.
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