TRAVI 01 industrial floor crystalliser

TTS 1050

The TRAVI 01 industrial floor crystalliser is a product that covers treated surfaces with a hard, crystalline film of metallic shine, long-lasting and anti-slips.

It is ideal to treat all kinds of floors in professional hygiene, whether synthetic or plastic, stone... Although it is especially suitable for calcareous type pavements. Its application increases the hardness and resistance of the floors and prevents the adherence of the dirt on the surface.


  • Clean the surface and strip, if necessary, with a wax or polish emulsion stripper.
  • When the floor is completely dry, spray or drop the TRAVI 01 industrial floor crystalliser over 1 or 2 m².
  • Polish with a rotary floor machine and steel wool until the wet area is dry.
  • To obtain better shine and lasting results, continue with TRAVI 02 sealant polish.
  • Do not apply TRAVI 01 on wet floor or with remains of acid or alkaline stripper since the crystallising process may be impossible or cause yellowing.
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