CERAKLÉS CR acrylic wax for wood floors

TTS 1150

The CERAKLÃS CR acrylic wax for wood floors is a shine emulsion special for wood, hardwood and cork floors. Very easy to apply and long-lasting, it is perfect for professional hygiene.

This acrylic wax for wood floors is ideal to shine and protect surfaces that could be damaged with conventional water-based cleaners. Furthermore, this product adds shine, prevents slips, and lasts even with high-traffic or washes.

It restores treated surfaces to their original shine and look, while protecting them from further wear and tear, footprints, humidity, etc.


  • Easy to use. Apply this floor treatment pure over a very clean surface.
  • After 60 minutes, apply another layer in a crossed sense.
  • It fully hardens 12 hours after application.
  • Can be retouched or reapplied in areas with high-traffic.
  • Do not store below 10 ° C.
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